A worldwide, non-profit organization

Parthenon, Athens

Director: Richard Cedric Leonard, D.D.

Advisor: Thomas Nowlin Harrison, M.Div.

Location: Moore's Heights, Oklahoma City, OK

Purpose: To further education via the internet


The Atlantek Educational Facility is an internet oriented software organization created for the sole purpose of educating the public on the subject of Atlantis. The facility is dedicated to the dissemination of information (scientific and semi-historical) which might lead to a better understanding of mankind's long existence on this planet.

* * * * *

The prime purpose of this facility is the gathering and presentation of verifiable scientific evidence which may relate to the problem of Atlantis. Although we live in a world of specialists, we believe our approach in such an enterprise should utilize the integration of many scientific fields of endeavor.

In so doing, every effort is made to present the material accurately and with as little bias as is humanly possible. Downloads from the internet are made whenever possible so that the reader may easily check on sources. However, as time marches on, internet texts (and addresses) often change and may not match what is here presented. I stand behind all such downloads—that they were indeed once as presented on this website before such changes were made. No scientist or researcher is totally unbiased in the final analysis: a hundred years from now will see many "unbiased" scientific theories fall. In my own lifetime many innovative thinkers have been hooted off the podium by "unbiased" collegues, only to have their once-maligned theory become the very backbone of established scientific fact.

Since publicly funded institutions elect to either ignore Atlantis completely in their present curriculae, or speak of it only in a condescending context, the data gathered by this institution is intentionally presented with Atlantis uppermost in its consideration. Therefore, we leave their usual interpretation of these same data to those institutions; but we consider it only fair that the data presented on these web pages be presented to the public with the express view that Atlantis may indeed represent a historical reality.

All comments are appreciated.

Atlantek Software Inc., Version 1.1
Originally established: April 2001.