This incription has not yet been translated but phonetic values of the symbols have been established. The inscription is not close enough to Basque to allow translation, but it does have several notably Basque-like features. Being so close in vocabulary and syntax, it seems highly probable that Basque (Euskera) is a descendant of some dialect of the Iberian language. Notice the similarities with the characters ingraved on the Glozel Tablets.

It wouldn't be a difficult guess that my interest in such characters stems from their similarity with the Phoenician, as well as those found on the Glozel Tablets, which is a strong indication to me that these characters are descended from an alphabet originating in Atlantis, and from which our own alphabet is also a descendant. If the extinct Pleistocene animals engraved on the Glozel Tablets are any indicator, the Glozel character-set is several millenia older than the crude beginnings of writing found in prehistoric Mesopotamia.

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