Biographical Information

Early Education:

Capitol Hill High School, Oklahoma City OK
Vocational Electronics (CHHS)
Electronics, U.S. Navy (San Diego, CA)


U.S. Navy Reserve 1953-1961
Radioman (active) in U.S. Navy, 1957-1960
NAAS Brown Field, Chula Vista, CA
Honorable Discharge, 1961

Electronic Technician 1960-1990
Western Electric Corp/AT&T (Retired)

Author and Researcher R. Cedric Leonard

Higher Education:

University of Oklahoma:
B.A., Anthropology
Minor in Classical Culture
Attic and Classical Greek Language
Special Studies in Greek: Sanskrit

Oklahoma City University:
Koine Greek Language

Neotarian College of Philosophy:
D.D., Comparative Religion

Informal Education:

Belonging to the Oklahoma Anthropological Society enabled Leonard to participate in field archaeology for a number of years. His Sanskrit studies, under Prof. J. N. Mohante of the University of Oklahoma, also allowed him to indulge his interest in ancient Hindu epic literature involving yantras and vimanas (i.e., ancient Indian flying machines). Seeing Leonard's interest in the subject, Prof. Mohante brought certain Sanskrit texts to his attention, sometimes helping with particularly difficult texts in translating them into English—some of which can be found in the Ancient Aeronautics section of the website.

Leonard is also self-taught in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, as well as Canaanite and Phoenician inscriptions. His love for ancient, defunct languages was the driving force behind these studies. Under the School Volunteer Program he lectured for a number of years at a number of schools and universities, as well as participating in the symposiums conducted in several midwestern states.

Past Affiliations

American Museum of Natural History
Archaeological Institute of America
International Platform Association
International UFO Bureau (Anthropology Consultant)
Mutual UFO Network (Anthropology Consultant)
Oklahoma Anthropological Society
Oklahoma Science & Arts Foundation
Smithsonian Institution (National Associate)


Leonard's interest in archaeology and ancient cultures has led to extensive travels, including Cuba (pre-Communist Revolution), Caribbean Islands, Bahama Islands, South Pacific Islands, Canada, Mesoamerican archaeological sites of the Olmec, Mixtec, Zapotec, Maya, Toltec and Aztec peoples, the American Southwest (Casa Grande, Hopiland, Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Mesa Verde, etc.). He has also visited several Mound Builder sites associated with the Mississippi Valley Culture.

In 1975 the Morocco Exploration, sponsored by Europa House at the University of Illinois, took him on to Portugal, Spain, and Morocco (North Africa) where he was able to visit important archaeological sites, libraries, and museums which otherwise would have been unavailable to him. Enthusiasm for these travels was fired by his intense interest in identifying vestigial traces of Atlantean culture.

Relevant Expository Works

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Oklahoma, Norman, 1971.
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Present Affiliations (none)

Although having written several books and scientific papers, and having lectured extensively in the past involving the subjects of Atlantis and ancient Hindu Aeronautics, he is now enjoying his retirement from all but personal endeavors.